BVLOS Testing Ranges and Incubator for the UAS Industry
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Fully authorized and licensed by
The Government of The Bahamas and
The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority

Hogfish Labs has created the first BVLOS testing facility built solely for UAS.

We are the world’s UAS industry catalyst.

Industry Challenges

BVLOS and Night Ops Prohibited by FAA
Heavy Payload and Swarm Ops Prohibited by FAA
Lack of BVLOS Testing Facilities Tailored for UAS Development
Lack of RF Interference-Free BVLOS Testing Facilities
Need to Coordinate Testing, Lodging, Meals, Transportation
Inefficient Paperwork Registration Processes for Testing Zones
Lack of Capacity for Startups and Small Companies

Hogfish Labs Solutions

BVLOS and Night Ops Available
Heavy Payload and Swarm Ops Available
Hogfish Facilities Optimized for UAS Development
Low to No Radio Frequency Interference
Turnkey Services for Lodging, Food and Transportation
Streamlined Online Process for Registration and Customs
Economic Testing Facilities for Startups and Small Companies

The Hogfish Labs facility is rooted in aerospace history and is continuing the tradition by making Grand Bahama the UAS innovation hub of the world.

United States Air Force

Commissioned as the Grand Bahama Auxiliary Air Force Base and built in 1951. Served as a missile-tracking station. The 3,500-acre property includes a 7,100-ft paved runway.


Used in connection with all launches from Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral FL) and NASA’s manned space flights. Site of Mercury 7 (first astronaut unit) splashdowns.

Walt Disney

Used as a base of operations for filming Disney’s production of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and other hit movies.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight

The future of UAS is BVLOS. We are the premier testing facility that enables BVLOS (day and night) to allow for the ultimate evolution of your technology. From conceptualization to testing to production deployment.

Exclusively for UAS

Hogfish Labs has one clientele, you! We are the first facility in the world to have facilities exclusively purposed for UAS development and testing. We offer specialized services for early-stage startups and mature enterprises.

Classified and Highly Confidential

Privacy is top priority at Hogfish Labs. We understand the sensitivity of your intellectual property and want to make sure that UAS companies can trust the privacy and confidentiality of our facilities.

Multiple Private Ranges

Our facility covers over 200 square miles, comprising of mixed terrain (land and water), and is divided into multiple private ranges. Each range comes complete with its own set of facilities and utilities.

Turnkey Booking Services

Your focus is getting off the ground – not booking travel and accommodations for your team. Our turnkey booking option includes lodging, transportation, food and beverage. We even pick you up at the airport!

Mission Variants

We offer multiple real-world mission simulations such as island waypoints, shore-to-ship, ship-to-shore, ship-to-ship and more. We have numerous fixed objects to further simulate mission-specific requirements.

Getting Here

Grand Bahama Island is only 65 miles from the United States and is centrally located at the intersection of major North American, South American, Far East & European travel routes. Freeport Grand Bahama International Airport (FPO) is 1 of 2 Bahamian airports to have US border preclearance facilities.

Airlines that offer regular service to FPO include: American Airlines, Bahamasair, Delta Airlines, Silver Airways, SkyBahamas and more…

Staying Here

Hogfish Labs brings the best of Bahamian hospitality and vacation services to BVLOS testing on Grand Bahama Island. Freeport and Grand Bahama are home to many resorts, hotels, restaurants, bars and short-term rentals.

In addition to world-class hotels and resorts, Airbnb and similar services provide several furnished vacation house options. Rentals include all lodging amenities needed for your team to comfortably test and operate.

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